A lot has changed since then.  The internet is everywhere, indie games have gone mainstream, and the game industry is bigger than Hollywood.  I have an amazing wife, three awesome kids, and steady employment at a Fortune 500 company...

...steady... soul-sucking... employment.

After a decade and a half of running with the Lemmings, I'm ready for a change.  In between working full-time, taking college courses online, and raising a family, I've spent every ounce of free time I could find over the past year learning everything I could about game development.  I'm nearly finished with my degree, and getting close to being able to reveal my first project.

I'm passionate and determined to build awesome games that are worth your time.  Experiences that will make you laugh, make you cry, make you scream at your screen, and make you feel awesome when you overcome a challenge.  Projects that push boundaries and explore new ideas... and games that are just stupid fun!

But today, game development isn't a one-way street.  Like a game of D&D with good friends, it's a co-op adventure to create something fun and memorable.  Many of the best games these days seem to be created by the players as much as the developers.

So I invite you to join me in this journey and help to create something epic.  Follow me on Twitter or the social media platform of your choice, and let's connect and talk games.  I've just announced my first project, Guts and Glory, and I'm excited to hear what you think about it and what direction you think this project should take!


Let's talk games!





*This was my very first gamer alias, back when text-only "MUDs" were a thing