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HakJak Productions; Based in Boise, Idaho

(aka Jedediah “HakJak” Steen, a one man team with a dream!)




Release Date:

Greenlit date: August 9th, 2016

Target: Steam “Early Access” Spring 2017

Other PC Game Markets: TBA


Will launch on PC (Windows, Mac, and Linux)

May port to other platforms depending on the success of the PC launch





Jedediah “HakJak” Steen is a part-time game developer that dreams of hitting it big time so he can do what he loves until the day he dies—create awesome entertainment experiences!  When he’s not writing code, creating art, or daydreaming, he can be found doing analytical work for PepsiCo, spending time with his family of five, or playing with his dogs.



Guts and Glory is about ordinary people competing in extraordinary challenges of life and death!  Several possible game modes are planned, but the first is a "survival racing experience."  Players will select from a wide variety of vehicles, including realistic bicycles, poorly built cars, and rocket-powered homemade contraptions.  They’ll race to the finish line dodging all sorts of hazards, including sawblade windmills, giant wrecking balls, medieval cannons and crazy turrets.

Each vehicle is completely physics-driven, with 100% ragdoll riders, realtime dismemberment, and vehicle damage.  This means that every turn, every crash, and every death is unique—and often results in hilarious scenarios!  Severed limbs spray blood all over nearby characters and the environment as you struggle to hang on and reach the finish line.  Vehicles get dented, smashed and lose parts.  Wheels can be popped or just knocked off completely.  Determined players on tough tracks will find themselves hobbling across the finish line bloodied, missing limbs, stuck full of arrows, on a smashed vehicle only one hit away from being incapacitated!


Future Plans

Planned features include:

  • Track Maker (plus share and search functions)
  • Destructible environments/props:  smash through windows, thin walls, fences, crates, signs, vases, etc.
  • AI Characters that wander around, run away screaming, chase you with chainsaws, etc.
  • At least 10 unique vehicles
  • 100 “official” Tracks, spread across 10 different themed Maps
  • Loads of Hazards, Special Items, and maybe even Power-Ups?
  • Time of day system: this means racing at night, evening, or with realtime lighting changes over the course of the race!
  • Steam integration: Leaderboards, Achievements, level sharing, etc.
  • More Game Modes, such as: Taxi/Bus driver, Deathmatch Arena, or Adventure Time

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