Welcome to the Guts and Glory Testing Center!

You are amongst the very first people to play this game while it is still in Pre-Alpha development.  Your feedback is very valuable!  Please return here after you get a chance to play and leave some feedback in forum below, such as: impressions, comments, ideas, bugs, glitches or crashes.  You can also email me directly, if you prefer.

Feel free to capture screenshots/video and share wherever you want.  All I ask is that you communicate clearly in your posts that this game is in pre-alpha development and please don't present anything as a "review," since it's not even close to finished.  This means that bugs/glitches should be expected, and everything is a work-in-progress. But that's where you come in!  The feedback you can provide will be used to help improve the game, and spreading the word about this project will help more people find it so it can become bigger and better!

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS:  Select your version below, then click the download icon on the page that follows (usually at the top of the screen).  These are hosted on Google Drive, so you'll get a warning saying it's too large for virus scan.  Click the "download anyway" button.

WINDOWS INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:  Create a new folder titled "Guts and Glory".  Un-Zip ALL of the files into this folder.  Open the .exe file.  (Make sure your ZIP file is 100% downloaded before un-zipping.)


By downloading this game, you agree to the following (sorry for the legal stuff here... just a little protection in case there are jerks among us):

  • I understand this is an application in early development.  Bugs, crashes or other unexpected results are possible.
  • I will not hold HakJak Productions/Jedediah Steen liable for any damages caused by this product.
  • I can share image/video capture of this game, but will not present it as a "review"; I will let people know it is in pre-alpha development because I'm cool like that.



PlayTester Forum

Your feedback is very valuable!  Please take a moment to report bugs and let me know your thoughts on the game so far.  Thank you!!

NOTE 1: Please click the speech bubble icon to expand the forum posts.It's kind of annoying, so if you have suggestions for better forum/bug reporting systems, drop me a line.

NOTE 2: Press the tilde " ~ " button in the upper left corner of your keyboard for tech specs while running the game.This is very helpful when posting with screenshots.