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Welcome to Guts and Glory!

The craziest game show on earth, where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death.

Race to the finish line while everything tries to kill you.  Dodge spinning saw blades, deadly spikes, explosives, turrets, and a growing list of other hazards—while navigating insane tracks set in a wide variety of environments.  A game full of LOLs and WTFs and OMGs, where failing can be just as much fun as winning.  Do it to prove your awesomeness.  Do it for the laughs.  Do it for the glory!

--- Windows, mAC, & lINUX/sTEAMos ---

PS4 & Xbox One 2018

Now available in multiple languges!

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I do updates about 1-4 times per month!


  • Physics-driven vehicles with dynamic damage and destruction
  • 100% ragdoll riders, with realtime dismemberment, blood and guts everywhere
  • Destructible props and environments: smash through windows, thin walls, fences, barrels, etc.
  • Level Editor and Level Sharing, with Steam Workshop integration
  • AI Pedestrians that wander around, run away screaming, and die in hilarious fashions
  • AI Enemies that chase you down with hell-bent fury
  • Loads of Hazards: cannons, explosives, wrecking balls, circular saws and so much more
  • Special Items: Mega Fans, Turbo Boosters, Zero Gravity Fields, and more
  • Power-Ups: Boost Refills, Invincibility, and other surprises to come
  • 10 Unique Vehicles and their associated Heroes
  • 100 Official Tracks, spread across 10 Themed Maps, including other biomes
  • Time of Day System: night races, glaring sun, or possibly even realtime changes during the race
  • Steam Integration: Leaderboards, Achievements, Workshop, etc.
  • You can see all the most current features at the Steam Store page.

And then...?

If Guts and Glory does well enough during Early Access launch, I may build additional Game Modes.  I’ll look to fans to point me in the right direction on this one.  These are not confirmed, but just possible ideas:

  • Safety Taxi:  You are Chuck.  You are a taxi/bus driver… except your taxi/bus is just an old pickup truck, painted yellow, with wooden bench seats bolted into the bed.  (Hey, school budgets are really tight!)  Your job is to pickup and deliver passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible—with minimum casualties or collateral damage.
  • Adventure Time:  This game mode would play similar to a 3D platformer adventure game—but in vehicles and totally physics driven.  Would include weapons, power-ups, and epic boss fights.
  • Deathmatch Arena:  Challenge Friends in a battle to the death.  Think Super Mario Kart arenas—but with bloody deaths and dismemberments!

Below are some of the latest video updates I put together.  

For the latest developments, check out the DevBlog or the latest videos on YouTube and Twitch.

Meet Dr. Lawrence Walters, aka "LawnChair Larry." He was once a very successful rocket scientist, but then lost his mind after trying LSD.

The Level Editor implementation for Guts and Glory is coming along nicely! Here is a very early sneak peek of the editor in its current state. Lots more to come! Current features include: - Terrain creation, editing and painting - Assorted building blocks to create any architecture you want - Assorted physics blocks to create all sorts of interesting physics sandbox scenarios.

Thanks for stopping by!

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