EDIT [3-6-17]: Remaining reported settings system bugs should now be fixed.  Just uploaded a small patch today.

Just want to give you guys a quick update on things....

While I originally intended to use this week to build the final four Yang tracks, implementing the new Settings and Control system became more involved than I anticipated.  Because Steam games can run on a such a wide variety of machines, it took a while to track down some of the bugs and get them fixed.  But thanks to everyone who reported issues and helped me test the patches, the new system should be quite solid now, although there may be a few special cases here and there.

Another community member, Zeron, discovered a serious bug in the Level Editor.  Specific combinations of load/quick play/save would break the link to the Workshop version of that level.  This meant the level could no longer be updated, and would have to be uploaded as a new item instead.  Fortunately, I was able to get this issue fixed the same day and already uploaded the patch yesterday.  This patch also removes the need to re-save a newly loaded level to enter Quick Play.

Click the image to visit Zeron's track page

Click the image to visit Zeron's track page

If you get a chance, check out Zeron's track here.  (The old version could not be updated due to the aforementioned bug.)  He's taken it upon himself to host some Community Challenges and keep a manual leaderboard of best times.  His first track is a very challenging one, so if you're looking to test your skills and compete against others, this might satisfy you until official Leaderboards and competitions are added to the game.

Now that the urgent bug issues have been resolved, I can finally return to doing the fun stuff--like making these Giant Hammers for the new Yang levels.

As soon as the final four Yang tracks are complete, I can focus on the Linux build, remaining Kickstarter Rewards, and then the 4th character, Larry.

For those who like all the details, here's the most recent change log:

-Fixed Level Editor metadata save bug that caused Workshop links to be lost under certain conditions.

More Settings Menu fixes:
-Fixed Shadow Projection type not saving between reloads.
-Fixed LOD Bias slider not adjusting to quality presets; fixed slider resetting on scene reloads
-Fixed Global Volume resetting when scene changed
-Fixed level load cams being reset back to origina on some tracks.
-Improved Main Menu GUI text clarity

Fixed Settings Menu bugs and other improvements:
-Fixed default settings
-Fixed LOD Bias minimum too low
-Fixed Auto-resolution/full screen reversion after respawn/new level
-Fixed shadow cascading bug (caused glitchy/blobby looking shadows)
-Fixed road shader errors (Yang Track #1)
-Fixed Boost Meter dissappearing bug
-Some improvements to video capture compatibility (some OBS issues persist; new settings will be added later to remove post-processing FX that may be interferring; will revisit this issue later)
-General Qualtiy Presets now change the applicable sub-settings to match
-Revised Quality Setting presets
-Escape key now exits the Setting Menu too
-Improved loading screen checks for reliability on slower machines
-Improved Music Manager (please report if music tracks suddenly stop playing; check audio settings first please)
-Upgraded FPS counter; faster and more accurate; also moved to bottom middle of screen so it can be used in Level Editor
-Added Anti-Aliasing post-processing settings (experimental... G&G uses Deferred Rendering, which does not allow 'true' AA processing but has other benefits)
-Removed Texture setting (found no real performance savings and caused GUI issues)
-Removed Settings Menu from Pause Menu to improve stability across machines and make future troubleshooting faster and easier

Fixed bug that caused blue Workshop button to not activate Steam Overlay when returning from a level.
Improved car destruction:  More impact points and detachable parts.  More reliable collision detection.  Optimized processing time.  (more work needed for very high speed collisions)
Swinging Hazards (except Wrecking Ball) now auto-reverse on collision.  (Wrecking Log and some upcoming new Hazards)

New Special Items:  FlipPad
New Hazards: Giant Sledgehammer, Giant Baseball Bat, Giant Blender (last 2 improved versions from Yang demo)