Switch Patch Guts and Glory

Hey guys!  I just want to let you know that I've heard a few reports of glitches and FPS drops on Switch and I'm working with my publisher and porting partner, tinyBuild, on a fix.  These weren't apparent or as pronounced on the test machines, so it came as a surprise to all of us on release. 

Xbox and PS4 versions are working great!  So if you're looking to buy for those consoles then no worries :D

The main bug seems to be an issue with the gore system.  The CPU is having a hard time keeping up with the real-time mesh cutting, so it sometimes results in polygonal glitches on character death.  Secondary bug is frame rates sometimes dropping on larger/complex levels, especially when the gore system is trying to work.

Porting to the Switch is the most challenging of the 3, due to the lower system specs we're working with.  Guts and Glory is my baby, so I assure you I will do everything I can to get these issues fixed right away!

Bug Reports

Please send Switch bug reports and feedback to hakjakbugs@gmail.com and I will consolidate and use this info to get a patch done as quickly as we can!