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So it begins...

John (dad) and Jimmy (son), readying themselves for challenges ahead

Yesterday I finally overcame my fears and announced my first video game project to the world!  I’ve been working on this game in my spare time for over a year now, and have been nervous to reveal it publicly.  “What if people think it’s stupid?  What if nobody is interested?  What if I spent all this time and hard work for nothing!?”  But of course I realize I’ll never have the answers to these questions if I don’t just do it.  So here it is, ready for the world to love and/or hate it!

I’ll be spending most of my time over the next week just trying to spread the word and get as many people to check this project out as I possibly can.  I really want to know what people think so I know what direction to take this, what changes need to be made, if I should go drown myself in a puddle....

My next big goal is to finish the core mechanics and build a small standalone demo.  To do this, I’ll need to finish the 2nd and 3rd Vehicles (so I have medium and large sized vehicles to test), tweak all the Hazards and Special Items so they interact correctly with these new, heavier and faster vehicles, and put together some basic menus and other small stuff.  I’ll also need to build some real tracks.  After that I can start doing some small, closed beta tests to make sure everything works correctly on different machines.

As work progresses, I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated at least once a month, but probably more.  I’ll post here first, and of course duplicate it out on other social media platforms so you can follow along via the platform of your choice.

I have 2 main reasons for blogging about this.  1.) To keep anyone interested in it informed on the progress of the game and give them ways to provide input on how to improve it, and 2.) To (hopefully) encourage others to pursue their dreams as well.  This has been a dream of mine for a very long time, and I want to encourage others to not wait as long as I did to just go for it.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!